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The ultimate destination for the highest quality supplements & vitamins, individually targeted nutrition and fitness plans, and private personal training is located right here in Bend, Oregon. At Fit Pit of Bend, we are serious when it comes to your health and fitness goals. We offer a full line of vitamins and supplements and can match or beat our competitors' prices. Our clients include all types of athletes including bodybuilders, runners, hikers, mountain climbers, mountain bikers and any type of fitness that a person wants to excel at. We work with the extreme bodybuilder or weight lifter to the soccer mom who would like to lose a few extra unwanted pounds. We work with seniors who would just like to feel better and get back some strength that is lost due to natural aging. Whatever your fitness goals are, come on over to Fit Pit of Bend and get expert nutritional and supplement advice you deserve. At Fit Pit of Bend we are dedicated to helping people reach their fitness goals through proper training, diet, and nutritional supplements. We do that by providing our clients with high quality and innovative nutritional supplements with the latest scientific research to enhance performance and quality of life. Whatever your fitness goals are, when you come to Fit Pit of Bend you will consistently get the expert advice you deserve from people who truly care about seeing your results.

The definition of fitness is, “The condition of being physically fit and healthy”. Fitness means different things to different people. We are here to listen to your fitness goals and understand what you would like to accomplish. We have some of the best supplements and vitamins that use the very best technology to get you physically fit and healthy. Why go to GNC when you can get expert advice from people who have been in the fitness industry for years and know what works. For someone who would like max muscle on their body to a runner that is looking for optimum performance, we can help. We carry only the best brands for supplements and vitamins available. Over the past 20 years much has changed in supplements and the technology has advanced to make it easier than ever to get physically fit and healthy and we can help guide you through it all!

Questions we get asked:

How can I get cut up with lean hard muscle and get rid of the fat?

How can I recover faster from my daily running or workout routine?

I have lost a lot of muscle over the years, and wanted to know how I can gain it back?

I have injured my knee or shoulder and want to know what supplements I can take to recover faster?

How can I increase my energy?

How can I get better sleep?

If you have a fitness question like these and more, we invite you to come over and get free sound advice that can make a difference in the quality of your life. We look forward to serving you!

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